How Farmers Are Going To Save Civilization

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Waste products have been increasing considerably as they are threatening our environment and causing serious issues due to the modernization and progression of industry. The following are the three articles where environmental issues are the main focus: “Lose 300 Million Tons of CO2 in Just Three Weeks!” by Kate Sheppard, “How Farmers Are Going to Save Civilization” by Jenn Hardy, “The Global Food Waste Scandal” by Tristram Stuart. Moderating the amount of waste product and keeping it under control can achieve both a sustainable environment and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a solution that can solve this problem from its roots effectively, due to the intellectual and behavioral power that people have to make a remarkable difference, is …show more content…

In the article “How Farmers Are Going to Save Civilization,” emphasizes the permaculture and its influence on their lives to be sustainable. People’s and environment’s protection, renewable resources appreciation, union, and neither fast nor big solutions are the basic concepts of permaculture that Hardy advocates for. However, waste products contradict with the permaculture principles and also can have a negative effect on the earth by stimulating the shortages of water, food, and energy products. Permaculture is a way of living that can have a great impact just when people change their behavior. In Tristan Stuart’s video “The Global Food Waste Scandal,” abundance of food is being wasted in Western countries simply because the food appearance is not attractive enough. Moreover, it has been discovered that in some multiple countries that their food production is approximately twice the amount they need. Therefore, the surplus food supply is being wasted. Due to the outrageous statistics that have been found about the food waste, Stuart advocates more responsibility in using the world 's …show more content…

For instance, holding educational and training courses or sessions about the importance for our environment and wellness to decrease the waste products. When all the information about environment, health, economy, and science is discussed at once, it will be very effective for people including corporations and governments to see the big picture of the environmental issues and problems that are growing dramatically by reason of waste products. That is cause by human beings in the first place. The introduced education or awareness will result in a greater understanding among individuals, which will make their usage and consumption of resources less frequent for meeting their needs. Opponents will disagree by stating that environmental awareness is not enough and has no beneficial effect on people to solve this massive environmental issue and if that was true this problem would not even existed. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that this solution will be seriously taken into consideration. Once everyone is gathered to an educational session, conducted by environmental scientists explaining the effects of the waste products on the environment first, then on their health. Then everyone will take this issue seriously. For instance, the excessive exposure of hazardous chemicals into the air contributes to climate change as well as promotes the spread of

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