How Fast Does Alka Seltzer Make Gas

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The topic of research is, “how fast does an Alka-Seltzer tablet make gas?”. In the experiment, the scientists will be measuring the chemical reaction rates that occur, when 1 Alka-Seltzer tablet is placed in a specific temperature of water. The independent variable during the experiment will be the temperature of the water (degrees Celsius). The dependent variable during the experiment will be, the rate in which gas is produced (in seconds). The constants of the experiment, will be the amount of water used and the Alka Selter compound. The control in the experiment is water. Units used while timing the productivity of gas from an Alka-Seltzer tablet in different temperatures is, seconds. In order to find out if temperature controls the rate of chemical reaction, whether hot water is a more effective way to make the gas produce at a faster speed, it would be necessary to compare the results of different temperatures at the end of each trial. In order to do this the scientists will measure the volume of gas that is produced within a 10 second interval time after the tablet begins to react. Then the scientist will observe the different rates of reaction with temperature. The Boltzmann distribution of law, indicates that high temperature makes molecules gain high energy contents ( In order to measure the reaction rate, the scientists must use the same volume of water at three different starting temperatures: hot tap …show more content…

To accurately determine this, each trial will have recorded dependent and independent variables, constants and a control. The hypothesis being researched, indicates higher temperatures allow for a rapid rate of dissolution. In this particular case with someone needing Alka Seltzer, they will feel better faster if they use hot water to dissolve the medicine before

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