How Fear Affects Life

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How can fear affect lives? Fear is very powerful and sometimes creates pain also can make many people hallucinate many terrible things if imagination takes over. It is everywhere even if it is not reasonable but it affects anyone at some point of their lives and they usually panic when they are not sure what is going on. When not being in a safe environment, fear of the unknown, and scary entity are present together our imagination can take over and we lose our minds because of many hallucinations. Often times our imagination can cause terrible mindless fear when they don’t feel safe in the environment and they react different like in Allegra Ringo’s short story why do some brains enjoy fear. This story is about facts of why some people enjoy…show more content…
A brother and sister that live in a old and spacious house comfortable until something takes over there house. The narrator heard something in the library and the dining room, at the same time or a second later he heard it at the end of the passage which led from those two rooms toward the door. “I had to shut the door to the passage. They’ve taken over the back part” (Cortazar 40). This reveals that something has got into the house and taken over the back part of the house. This supports my claim because they have no idea what “it” is so it’s the unknown. Another example is when Irene and her brother heard noises next to them they knew that it has taken over there house. “They’ve taken over our section. Before we left, I felt terrible; I locked the front door up tight and tossed the keys down the sewer. It wouldn’t do to have some poor devil decide to go in and rob the house at that hour and with the house taken over” (Cortazar 41-42). Again, this illustrates that the house has been taken over by “it” .They don’t know what it is but they didn’t want to know so they just left. This supports the claim because that is how you lose reasoning abilities by not knowing what the thing is. People nowadays fear different kinds of things but when it comes to not knowing what it is people get more scared by not knowing if it can harm them or
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