How Full Is Your Bucket Analysis

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How Full Is Your Bucket is based on an analogy of a dipper and a bucket. Tom Rath reveals that everyone has an invisible bucket that can either be filled with positive interactions or dipped from with negative interactions. If the bucket is filled people essentially feel great and have a positive outlook on life whereas, it the bucket is empty people essentially feel worse, have a negative outlook on life, and have drained energy. The theory states that people face a choice in every interaction that they have with another, which is to fill someone 's bucket or dip from it. Bucket dipping refers to saying something about or to a person that may be hurtful or refusing to partake in something that may have filled someone 's bucket. Bucket filling can be meaningful time is spent with someone, showing…show more content…
Overall this book is a great read for anyone willing to learn how to exchange more positive interactions in their life. Some strengths of the read are that it helps give an insight on someone 's personal actions and how they might affect others. Also, the book comes with a complete guide on how to apply what was said directly to the workplace. One weakness of the book was that it was cheesy and felt as if it dragged on at times. Even though it was helpful and informative, a lot of concepts and ideas were repeated constantly. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the read because it was both short and informative. The theme and overall idea of the book was straightforward and easy to understand. Anyone willing to make his or her workplace more successful, have more positive interactions, increase the strength of personal relationships, or working on bettering their health should read this book. Specifically, I recommend this book to teachers, leaders of companies, managers, and those having trouble in their marriage. How Full Is Your Bucket serves as a motivational and informative read on how to better not only your health, but your job satisfaction and personal
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