How Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent Essay

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One of the two books I read over the summer is How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, by Julia Alvarez. This story took place in the late 1960s in the Dominican Republic. The four sisters Carla, Yolanda, Sandra, and Sofia learn to adjust in their new surroundings in New York after their family was forced to leave the Dominican Republic due to their father’s dilemma with the government. Throughout the book, the four sisters told stories that were very memorable to them. The second book that I read was October Sky, by Homer Hickam. It took place in West Virginia in the town of Coalwood. The main character, Homer Hickam Jr. or “Sonny” sparked an interest in rocket building after seeing the Russian satellite Sputnik launch. Sonny had many complications standing in his way, which included the fear of failure, before creating the perfect rocket that would represent all his hard work and perseverance. Just like the Garcia family, Sonny also encountered countless obstacles in order to…show more content…
October Sky demonstrated a great amount of persistence and hard work into achieving your goals and I consider myself very diligent when it comes to something I want to pursue. Just like Sonny, I am still learning about myself and I believe that confidence is an enormous factor when following your dreams. How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent is very relatable to girls in this generation when it talks about the role of women in this society. Women are held at a very high standard and when they don’t meet a certain expectation in regard to etiquette and how women present themselves, they are suddenly looked down upon. All around the world women are treated unequally due to the traditional society that we live in. I would highly recommend How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents because it talks about the endeavors that their family had to face due to male dominance, pride, and identity
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