How Gender Roles Affect Everyone Analysis

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Some people might wonder everyday, how are men different from women? Both genders are being criticized by the society. According to M’liss Dewald, who wrote the article Gender Roles Affect Everyone, gender and sex are two different things. Sex refers to a biological difference, while gender is a social construct that society emphasizes through accrediting the expectations for the sexes. Even though media still portrays the stereotype that women are supposed to clean and do housework, men can actually clean and do housework, too which makes the stereotype outdated. To begin, women are expected to clean up after people. For example, the author of the article Why Are Women Still Doing most of the Work, Bryony Gordon, states that the only job women can do is cleaning. As she states, “Isn’t it amazing that in the 21st century, when women smash through glass ceilings, they still feel obliged, shortly after, to clean up after themselves?” (Gordon 1). However, as time passes by, men are doing more household chores more than they used to do. In…show more content…
As what Bryce Covert have mentioned in his article, “Marketing messages illustrate the point: only about 2 percent of commercials featuring men show them cooking, cleaning or running after kids, while the majority of commercials featuring women are selling home products like cleaners or furniture” (Covert 1). But, men can be in cleaning advertisements as much as women are. In the commercial of Mr. Clean, it shows various amounts of both genders. It shows that men cleans as much as women does. In the beginning, it shows women, but as the ad goes on, men are being visible to the audience. The fact that men are being shown on television while they’re cleaning proves a whole lot of argument. This advertisement contradicts with the argument that only women can be in cleaning advertisements. Thus, men can also be seen in cleaning
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