How Golf Changed My Life

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Have you ever wondered what makes you the person you are today? For me, golf was the biggest thing that has changed my life. Golf led me to the new education and friends which made who I am today. Golf changed my life majorly and I am thankful for it. Three things that influenced who I am today: Education, Golf and Friends
The first thing that started to change my life was golf. I started to play golf when I was in grade five. During that time I didn’t like it at all. I felt like this sport was the worst sport that I’ve ever played. However, time changed and everything changed. I started to enjoy golf, more and more once I started getting used to it. Golf gave a lot of friends and opportunities. For example, I have made a lot of friends who were useful for my family’s business. Jewelry was my family’s business. It was related to my friends that I have met in the golf course. Their family’s business was jewelry mine which helped my family to have an access to more jewelry than before. I had made a lot of connections with them. Furthermore, golf also gave me opportunities to meet the coach from different universities, and all parts of the world, like the United Kingdom and the United States. My biggest goal right now is to succeed in golf and get into a good university with a great golf team in the United States. But right now I need to focus on maintaining my grades because in order to get a scholarship in the United States I need to keep my grade at 4.0 or higher so I can
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