How Great Was Alexander Really Great?

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Alexander III of Macedonia inherited an empire that included the kingdom of Macedonia and the city-states of Greece. He was a very cruel and harsh leader. Almost immediately, Alexander set out to conquer the Persian Empire. He achieved his dream when he was 30 but then died a few years later. Alexander is one of the most famous people in history. He was born in 356 BCE, more than 300 years before Jesus of Nazareth. First Alexander should not be considered great because he killed many innocent people and he had a huge ego and he conquered everything in his way. Document A is an example of this because it talks about his route and how many cities he went through and destroyed everything and everyone in his path. This makes Alexander not great because those people didn't harm or hurt him in any way. He felt like they were in his way and anything in his way is to be destroyed. …show more content…

The soldiers fought and did whatever Alexander told them to do. Document A is an example of this, because the soldiers traveled everywhere and destroyed many things for pointless reasons. This makes Alexander not great and great at the same time because he was fair to his soldiers when it came to certain things as in he stood in front of the soldiers during battle and wasted his own water because there weren't enough for everyone. But also he pushed them and made them basically die because of how much Alexander wanted to

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