How Great Was Alexander The Great?

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There has been many great leaders in our history, but the one that outshone everybody was Alexander the Great. His father was King Phillip and his mother was Olympias. To this day he has had the largest empire in the world and was a successful ruler. So the real question here is how great was Alexander the Great? During his lifetime people would question if Alexander if he showed enough leadership, courage, and intelligence to be called great.

. Alexander was great because he has accomplished many things at such a young age. He did things people could only dream about. He was an excellent strategist and an inspired leader to many. “Alexander... build a causeway or land bridge, of timber and rubble so his soldiers could cross from the mainland to the island…’and Tyrian counterattacks caused Alexander to lose many men… ‘In the end, however, the causeway was completed and Alexander’s army smashed into the city.” Since his teacher was Aristotle, this shows he was taught well and he is a great problem solver. Even though Alexander was faced with my challenges throughout his journey he knew how to out think them. He tricked Porus and his elephants when he was conquering India. The way he …show more content…

Also he was blood-thirsty since he conquered many cities that had nothing to do with him. For example, he conquered India, where they did nothing to him. He was cold-hearted since he killed a lot of innocent people. It has been estimated that 100,000 enemy soldiers and civilians were killed in four major battles. He was also merciless since he gave the order to kill a man’s head because he wore his royal headband.The man didn 't mean to put it over his head, he was just concerned that it would get wet. “The prophets had explained that..he should not allow the head that had worn the royal head band to be safe” Although the prophets said that it is no reason to cut off a man’s

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