How Great Was Henry Hudson A Great Explorer

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By: Carter Mansell
Did you want to know about a great explorer? Well then read this research paper, because it tells you all about a great explorer, Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson was born in 1565 CE. Little is really known about Henry Hudson’s early life. All that’s really known is that he navigated as a child. He was also known for exploring near the New York harbor. In late 1500’s, Henry Hudson married Katherine Hudson. They had three children, John and two others who are not known. Henry Hudson first sailed the sea May 1,1607, on Hopewell. Henry Hudson was hired to find a shorter route to Asia from Europe through the Arctic Ocean. He was turned back because of ice blockage and he returned in 1608. When he returned, it was just a few more
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He turned to Dutch and England 's greatest trading rival, and he was eventually hired to find a northwest passage to the New World, the present day U.S. He got a new ship, Half Moon, and set sail. Shortly on his journey he faced mutiny. When he got to the New World he was exploring the opening of a wide river near today 's New York City. The river today is called Hudson 's River. Hudson proceeded down the river towards today 's city Albany. It was getting too short to continue so they turned back. As soon as Hudson got back, he was arrested for having another nation’s flag on the ship. He was under house arrest but Smythe persuaded the court to get him out of house arrest. As soon as he got going, Robert Juet, the man that would cost him his ship and his life, wanted to be part of his crew. This ship was Discovery and was sailed by Captain Weymouth. When they got going, Hudson couldn 't control his crew at all, and there was fighting and even mutiny within the first few months. By the end of the year the crew was stuck hundreds of miles south and unable to turn back. They went ashore and stayed on land until late spring. By spring, the crew wanted to go home when a small portion wanted to continue the exploration and fights led by Robert Juet broke out. Hudson headed back when his crew turned on him, his son and a few they didn 't like, and sent them adrift. They were never
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