How Gunpowder Changed Warfare

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Is gunpowder one of the most influential parts that changed warfare? Warfare has changed a lot through the years gunpowder was able to change right along with it, they kept creating new weapons to adapt to the new style of warfare. There are many different things that changed warfare throughout our history, however gunpowder was one of the most effective and deadliest one. Gunpowder was created back around A.D. 850 by Chinese scientists. It was made by using the oxidizing agent potassium nitrate. Since its discovery back in A.D. 850 it has been one of the greatest and most influential inventions ever developed. They first used it for starting fires and fireworks, but then soon realized that it could be made into a weapon. The first…show more content…
The bow and arrow was best used by the Native Americans against the whites and their gunpowder powered rifles. Most of the bows were more accurate than the rifle, and they also could reload faster then the old rifles used by the whites. But as the rifles advanced they soon became better than any of the bows used by the Native Americans. There were many advantages and disadvantages to using gunpowder. Gunpowder was very effective, but could also be a very dangerous way of warfare. The old black powder guns took a very long time to reload and could blow up right in your face. Another downfall that was a problem with using the black powder gun was the smoke was so thick that the enemy could easily see where you were at. Rather then todays age where we have smokeless powder and silencers so you can shoot and the enemy still might not know where you are. Will gunpowder be used in the future? The answer is most likely they will continue to use and improve gunpowder, However the military is discovering other ways to shoot more accurately, quieter, and with more power. So until they discover something else that is better gunpowder will still be used for many years to
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