How Has 9/11 Impacted Society Essay

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September 9, 2001 – The world stood still – shock/terror –cable networks were live covering the breaking news An Islamic extremist group known as al –Qaeda hijacked four commercial airplanes –targeting monumental buildings in New York and Washington D.C. – deliberate/planned suicide flights/attacks • 8:45 A.M. The first of two airplanes crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City • 9:03 A.M. a second airplane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center • 9:43 One airplane hit the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia • A fourth plane crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania Flames and plumes of black smoke billowed from the windows of the upper tower –…show more content…
Positive: government has established new policies Social Impact Psychological Impact Economic Impact Positive: TSA was created Negative: Surveillance • Inconveniences/Delays • Imposing Restrictions (Personal items) • Violating one’s constitutional rights Negative: Negative affect of profiling Fear Increased anxiety Lack of trust – increased mistrust with law officials Positive: Amplifying national security – ensure the safety of all citizens Negative: More jobs = more government spending/defense budget Impact on US Citizens? Government will argue: Current expenditures benefit • Airport screenings • Intruding/violating personal rights TSA – violation of 4th Amendment • Transgender • Degrading/ Humiliating/ Embarrassment • Question government extension of power/have they gone too far? • Who are you more afraid of? Government or terrorists? Everyone’s lives were altered in some shape or form, for some more so than

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