How Has Agriculture Changed Over Time Essay

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Agriculture is the modification of Earth’s surface through the cultivation of plants and animals through the cultivation of plants and animals to obtain economic gain. It was also a key development for the rise of the domestication of animals. Although, its origins cannot be documented for certainty because agriculture began before recorded history, scholars believe that it was started in Southwest Asia. Also, agriculture entails selective breeding of animals with combinations of inherited characteristics that benefits humans. Around the world, agriculture’s steps are the same, but the type of animals that were raised or cultivated differently. Agriculture is the human control of the environment. Agriculture has changed dramatically over time. Hunter-gatherers were the first…show more content…
Some challenges are: land management issues, restrictions from fossil fuels, food waste, government policy, and demographic changes. Over time, the land changes; the soil can become hard or soft, or it can erode away completely. Farmers struggle every day with the change of land and land management issues. It is very hard and expensive for farmers to keep their land up. Farmers have to pay for technology that helps them keep up the land, and they usually have to pay people to help them because not all farmers can keep up their land by themselves. Also, restrictions from fossil fuels is another major issues for farmers. Fossil fuels help create fertilizers. Without fertilizers, crops would be vulnerable to pesticides and other things that would damage the plants. Today, people waste plenty of food; we over order or eat, and then throw away what we don 't want. Farmers have problems with this because they are producing more food than necessary, and it can get very expensive over time. Finally, government policy is another issue farmers face. The farmers have to make sure that they are in the government 's regulations for the
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