How Has America Changed Over The Years

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America has gone through a lot as a country. Without its past, it wouldn’t be what it is today. The main point of learning our history is to be knowledgeable of what has constructed our present, such as America’s wars, segregation, slavery, and everything that has molded the United States of America into the country that it is today. Our founding fathers took great care in giving us a Constitution, to make sure we all have equal rights and responsibilities. History has molded our present and determined our future as a country. The history of America has molded this country into what it is known today as, “the land of freedom” or “one of the best countries in the world”. One of the biggest roles that have come into play is America’s wars; some major wars were the Revolutionary War and the Civil war. As for the Revolutionary War it lasted 8 years from 1775 to 1783, the war began as a disagreement over the way in which Great Britain treated the colonies versus the way the colonist felt they should be treated, the Americans felt that the 13 colonies deserved all the rights of Englishmen, and therefore America fought for its freedom from Great Britain and the Americans won, that’s when this country became the United States of America.…show more content…
When Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860 he started to take action to annul slavery, in which this was a significant threat to the economic and political interests of the slaveholders in the South. Eventually on December 6, 1865, eight months after the end of the Civil War, the United States adopted the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which outlawed the practice of slavery, America became the of the
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