How Has America Changed Over Time Essay

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There are far too many parallels between ancient Rome and modern America. It seems as if many people do not care enough about the path our country is headed down. Ethics and values have gone out the window, the government has doomed the working class, people have become violent, people are acting without fully thinking and war is constant. America needs a change before it is too late. Ethics and values have merely disappeared but when they are present they seem to be hypocritical. One value I strongly believe in, that hardly exists any more, is appreciation. For example, law enforcement personnel seem to have targets on their backs. Yes there are some bad cops, but why treat every cop like a bad cop with no reason behind it other than the…show more content…
An issue that pertains to this is abortion. Do people not know that an abortion is murder. You are killing an innocent tiny human being who hasn’t even got a chance to live. There are many other options besides abortion. One option is abstinence; if you cannot handle the possible outcomes of sex maybe you shouldn’t have it. Another option is adoption, there are plenty of people out there who cannot have children who would love to adopt. Give that tiny human a chance; think about your situation thoroughly. America has been in constant war, war that affects all Americans. The effect war has on Americans is negative. Whether you are a soldier, a construction worker or a babysitter war affects you. It brings peoples morals down; it is depressing to think about war, imagine how depressing it is to be a soldier fighting for his country in a war or a family member or a friend. Whatever the case may be, all Americans are affected by the wars America is involved in. These issues are only a few of the many causes of decline of the Western Roman Empire that also apply to the United States. The United States has to open their eyes and see the many resemblances this country has with the Roman Empire. The United States must acknowledge how many of the causes of decline of the Roman Empire are happening in this country. We must fix them before it is too
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