How Has America's Identity Changed Today?

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Over the past 240 years that America has been a country it has faced many hardships and difficult situations that have helped to create the "American Identity" that we all know today. Things have changed from good to bad and then repeated time and time again, which helped to shape our country today. But how are the original views that were the founding statements of our country to the views we experience today? Just how much has America's identity changed over the years? One of the most important ideals of living in America is the thought of freedom, but in our current society freedom is very limited. From a line stated in part two of "The American Identity" it reads, "Responsible American parents worry constantly about the exposure of their children to multiple dangers. It is not simply popular culture, with its excessive sex and violence, that bothers parents. It is an anything-goes society, where children have so many more dangerous options at their fingertips than even their Baby Boom parents had. The culture has changed; society has become more affluent." This explains the fact that because of the way society has changed our freedom as…show more content…
Just like popular trends the values of the past has lived their time and have been forgotten, or are less thought of then the used to be, which is why the American identity has been changed and altered. Just like a work of art it has been sculpted, from head to toe, multiple times which is why the American Identity can not be said as "unchanged" because just as like the world it has changed and will continue to change, with little alterations made or with dramatic changes, the identity and face of America is forever
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