How Has Civilization Changed Over Time

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Civilization has evolved tremendously over the course of thousands of years. Civilization started with the nomadic hunter-gatherers who started their own societies. The hunter-gatherers were able to feed the small amount of people in their societies by doing what their name suggests, hunting and gathering. As the population grew, however not tremendously, feeding everyone became an issue. To eradicate this problem, they had to find a new way to produce food. The solution they came up with was farming. They planted food and domesticated animals to provide for themselves. As a result of this, the once nomadic hunter-gatherers became settled farmers. They then developed towns due to their new settled lifestyles. After a while, these people had plenty of food stored and had food surpluses.…show more content…
Once the towns had food surpluses, not all civilians had to be farmers, so they branched out and did other things. They discovered new technologies, mathematics and writing, and took those and used them to their advantages and made careers out of them. Some people became artisans, scholars, artists and traders. After people had found jobs and could provide for themselves, organized religions began to develop. Places of worship, priesthood and taxes became an important part in these peoples every day lives. Once organized religions had been established, political organizations became a part of peoples lives as well. Along with the government, came their publicly proclaimed laws. These laws kept people in check and kept the towns running
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