Immigration In America

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In what way has immigration evolved in America? Immigration is when a person leaves their country to go to a foreign one permanently. Reasons can be for religious purposes, seeking for a better life, economic opportunities or more. In the United States, immigration is a very broad topic which some disagree with. America has been greatly influenced by immigrants who come to live there. Twelve point five of America’s population is made out of immigrants, so there is no doubt that the immigrants have influenced the United States. In addition, immigrants started coming to the United States around the 19th century. Ever since, they have made America better by making new innovations, building the place where the US citizens live and more. Still,…show more content…
Since the 45th president, Donald Trump, entered the office, immigration has been one of the biggest discussed topics. Donald believes that “criminal immigrants and chain migration are running around the country and murdering people,” as said in his River of Blood speech. In addition, he believes that immigrants are a harm to the United States and need to be deported immediately. However, immigrants are very important to the United States and illegal immigration has been coming to an end. Trump doesn’t notice that most of the crimes committed aren’t even from the immigrants. For the past decade, illegal immigrants have been decreasing. Still, President Trump would like to build walls, talk about rapists, and about the bad men of Mexico. In reality, more Mexicans are leaving the United States than coming in since 2001. This is because they are now threatened with deportation and don’t want to live in a place where they think could be harmful to their families. In addition, the larger parts of immigrants come from China and India, not Latin America. Also, FBI statics prove that violent crime committed by immigrants has decreased half of what the 90s had. Besides, native born americans commit more crimes than immigrants, but still, Trump says that they commit a tremendous amount of crime. Although, the MS-13 gang may be arguable to defend. The gang has face tattoos and portrays…show more content…
Immigration has evolved a massive amount since immigrants started migrating to the United States. They have changed the way Americans live and have made America better. New innovations and major companies are created by immigrants. Further, most immigrants work in the companies and if they are left out, America will decrease its economy and wouldn’t be one of the major countries in the world. Immigrants have made America better and due to current events, the United States will suffer in the future without
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