How Has Johnny Cash Influenced His Life

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Music- an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and colour. Johnny Cash significantly changed something in this field. Music is a form of communication, and that is how Johnny saw it, when he wrote songs he did what he could to make sure his message was clear, to make sure his feelings were expressed enough. We did not create music. It has been out there, waiting for all of us to discover, appreciate and to enjoy. Cash changed the way people saw not only the country genera but many others, some may say he even saved country music, he did not create it, but he made people love it once again.
Throughout his life Cash had many qualities that influenced the way he lived and his times. The fact he wrote his own songs should say a lot about his creative side. “The Cash Cabin is decorated with engaging heirlooms, including a hand draw poster on how to play ‘I Walk the Line’ on guitar, given to John Carter Cash as a child
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Johnny was never a quitter and because of it he became just who he wanted to be, maybe an even greater person, I assume that at some point in his life he remembered back on the days he got turned down flat by Sunny Records, until he went down there and demanded a chance to be heard. He became the “The Voice of America” because of that very day. Lastly we can learn that you can get through anything that you come across in life, no matter how hard it is. Johnny was addicted to drugs for a period of time, but he cleared from that, he made lots of mistakes he regretted, but he was now devoting his life to god and being a father to his new born child. These two lessons tell about a time in life where Johnny had to be persistent he had to put effort and use his power of will into things and that shows he was a determined
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