How Has Sally Ride Influenced The 1980's

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Sally Ride influenced the 1980’s immensely. Ride became a professor of physics at the University of California there; she studied, worked extremely hard, and built her confidence, to accommodate the environmental surroundings. She was the first women in space; it took time, dedication, and confidence to be the first women. This influenced many others to go up into space and make discoveries. Furthermore, she used a remote manipulator arm launch, a satellite designed to study there suns effect on earths weather. In addition, she launched communication satellites for the Canadian and Indonesian government to conduct experiments, involving the production of pharmaceuticals. This significantly changed the way other astronomers viewed astronomy. Along with Sally Ride’s adventurous acts, “Going Green” also influenced the decade.…show more content…
To protect the Antarctic and marine wild life the United Nation made a worldwide agreement to do so. The European Economic Community also had member states measure how clean the air, water, and beaches were. This had citizens realize how the world may be at risk, and hopefully opened the eyes of people, to start cleaning up after themselves and recycling. In addition, the Federal Government suggested having the people of Time Beach, Missouri relocate after they discovered “cancer causing chemical dioxide” in their local soil. Many “election posters” were posted around the world spreading the word in order to have people more aware of their cause and effects. This potentially saved many people’s lives and the future for Earth. Along with “Going Green”, humanities also influenced the
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