How Has Sigmund Freud Impacted My Life

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How Freud 's Theory has Impacted my Life and Those Around me
“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water”(Freud). The preceding quote was stated by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologists that focused much of his work on explaining how the unconscious impacts human behavior. As well as, he was the founder of psychoanalysis, which he defined as “the treatment of mental disorders using an innovative procedure...it required lengthy verbal interactions with patients during which Freud probed deeply into their lives” (Weiten 382). With that said, I am going to explain how many of Freud 's theories can be seen throughout my own life. One part of Freud’s theory is he establishes different stages of our lives and explains how fixation can potentially occur at each. Looking at my own life, I have a best friend whose childhood experiences might explain that she experienced fixation at a certain stage of her life and it lead to obsessive eating. Being close with her family they always tell stories …show more content…

Finally, a big part of Freud 's claim is that the unconscious mind governs our behavior. He would say that dreams can provide insight to our personality and believes “every dream represents a wish fulfillment. Dreams are representative of the imaginary fulfillment of a wish or impulse in early childhood, before such wishes have been repressed” (Doyle). So for instance, if I had a dream about becoming a famous artist Freud would say that this could give insight into my personality. He might argue, that my hidden passions and desires such as becoming an artist become more prominent in the unconscious state of awareness. Also he talks about how you are able to solve emotional problems while you are asleep and dreaming (Theory of the Unconscious). This idea goes back to the quote from the beginning of this paper freud believes that much of our mind is part of the unconscious state and that only part of our personality is is visible on the

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