How Has Social Media Changed Society Essay

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How has social media changed the way teenagers communicate in society today? Introduction I chose this topic because social media has grown to be one of the industries with the fastest growth in the world and teenagers impacted this growth. According to a Pew Research Center study, 92 percent of teenagers are online daily, making them “the most active social media participants of any demographic.” Since teenagers spend the majority of their time on the internet, the relationships with their families and friends is affected. Even if social media has changed the way we communicate in our society, I believe social media has changed us for the better because we are now able to connect with friends and family in a matter of seconds, no matter…show more content…
Since teenagers spend the majority of their time on social media, there is less time for face to face interaction with family members or loved ones. 47% of social media users with ages between 18 and 34 reported that they use social media or they text during meals. Because they are detached from reality, many relationships can be affected by social media. Also, some of the major negative effect of social media is the lack of privacy and social detriments. Many teenagers are often too open to the public and they may be unaware that their personal information may be hacked and used by other people. Usage of social media has become a daily routine for the youth and according to a survey, 22% of teenagers are active on their favorite social media site and spend more than 10 times a day. Teenagers with ages between 12-17 reported that text messages are used the most than any other form of communication, including real life interactions. A big part of the generation’s social and emotional development occurs on the internet and they engage with screens almost the entire day and in places such as cars, restaurants, and holidays and even in their bedroom . FIND HEALTH
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