How Has The American Dream Changed Over Time

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Over time, the American Dream has changed drastically. It used to be working harder to earn a better place in life. It was working hard order to earn a better place in life, as it should be. However, in today 's society for most Americans the Dream is earning that higher place in life while hardly working to truly achieve it. The American Dream seems to have different interpretations in the different types of people, for Americans, they believe in earning a lot while not working hard for it, for many immigrants, they still believe in working for what they desire. The modern Dream for many Americans is being lazy while still earning a higher place in society. The dream has changed many times over the course of American society. It has gone for people of all different types of cultures and backgrounds working hard to achieve what they want in life to…show more content…
The American Dream in the eyes of an immigrant is close to the same as the original American Dream. A common misconception about an illegal immigrant happens to be that when an illegal immigrant comes from Mexico, for example, they stay indefinitely. However, this does not happen to be the case, for many immigrants, they see America as a land of opportunity where they can come work for a couple years and send money back to their families in order to better provide for them. This represents the true American dream, this concept preserves the original idea of working in order to earn a better place in life. This shows that for many people around the world the American Dream hasn 't changed and that it remains the land of opportunity. For people that aren 't American, they still believe in working for that they want in order to earn a better lifestyle. They come from all over the world in order to escape persecution for many different things, religious intolerance, freedom of speech, and many other things that Americans take
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