How Has The Media Changed Over Time Essay

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The public relies on the news as the main source of information. No matter if you 're not informed by the newspaper, Most of the population will find their sources from somewhere else. The news media has changed so much over time. Because software and programs are being used to change the document of the scene. For example, Zoom in, use slow motion, show anxiety on the faces, fear, etc. therefore, making it hard to believe what is true or distorted on television or radio. Politicians need attention from the media to promote their message and programs. This is how people base their voting decisions. They have so much power it can either make or break them. Media show both issues and problems, and advertisement. Without Stories and facts, the people will not agree until they see it. This is how the government and political communicate with the people by relying on the media to carry out their programs. If there weren 't media, then the government or political leader will not have persuasion. Media holds the key to selling advertisement of other people ' business. This earns a number of viewers and readers. The news media always want to capture the attention of the people to entertain everyone in staying tuned in listing or reading. Without an audience, they will have no way of staying around. The news tries to capture…show more content…
Radio, local news has been ranked to be watched from age 18-49, will watch news online than any other source. Most Americans are watching the news either in the afternoon, radio or online. Moreover, new tell more stories than facts giving manful pieces of information. Creating a bias towards violence, scandal, violence, and scared of their personal lives. Causing the media to have a larger audience than good. While the good news is less to be watched. Also, some news shows some information on what the people want to hear, separating them from democrats and republicans giving only a certain amount of coverage information to what the audiences what to

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