How Has The Punic Wars Changed Rome

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Rome embarked upon its imperialistic movement through the conquest of Italy, the Punic Wars, and the expansion into the Hellenistic kingdoms. But many fail to regard the Punic Wars as being a prime turning point for the city of Rome. Through being triumphant, Rome acquired numerous developments within the city itself. The city became exposed to a vast number of slaves, and women assumed a wider role in the Roman everyday life. Numerous economic opportunities have also been opened for the rich to take advantage of at home and abroad. The political life of Rome also met a change where the powers of government shifted. Thus, the success in the Punic Wars significantly changed Rome socially, economically, and politically. Rome began to acquire new interests abroad towards the creation of an empire. This new form of imperialism exposed the city of Rome to an abundance of slaves. Such slaves were captured from the numerous provinces that were…show more content…
The Senate had become the governing body of the Rome through the initiatives taken. This was especially evident during the Punic Wars as the senate began to exercise more power from directing wars, taking control of both foreign and domestic policy, and managing financial affairs. The Senate became increasingly controlled by the nobiles, however, the plebeians began to lose a considerable amount of power after the Punic Wars. The patricians gained a vast amount of power from the accumulation of their wealth through the new economic opportunities. The effects of this rise to power was evident within the demise of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus. The two have sought to redistribute the lands that were seized after the Punic Wars through a land reform legislation. This legislation would allow the poor and indigent to receive a portion of the lands that they have lost, and relieve them of their misfortune. Plutarch even notes Tiberius’
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