How Have Smartphones Changed American Society

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throughout the 21st century there has been an enormous amount of changes that have affected our American society and advancements. Examples include technological advances, pieces of legislation and important historical figures. The smartphone has played the most important role in these advancements because of the integration into schools, social media and ability to stay connected with distant family members and friends. A perfect example that sets the stage for how smartphones have affected and are currently affecting society is the integration of them into the education systems across the world. In the past adults had the impression that smartphones were affecting how kids learned, in a negative way, and interfered with the basic pencil…show more content…
With a whopping 83 of American adults having a smartphone, it quickly takes social media and connects the entire world together. Social media allows people to get quick pieces of news, make new friends, and get jobs. A lot of people have the tendency to not be kept up with current events but social media creates “on the go news”. In the sense that if you’re in a waiting room or have a small break at work you have time to read through short clips of new to stay connected. The smartphone puts this at the fingertips of millions people. Global wide index states that “4 in 10 internet users cite this globally, with those in LatAm and the Middle East & Africa being particularly enthusiastic about getting their news from social platforms” (Shane). This shows how smartphones help the use of social media to make our society better. Smartphones have the capability of downloading dating apps that help people meet and be more social with each other. Matter of fact “ The largest online dating site is actually a social network” (Germany). Once again social media is greatly through the smartphone. Finally a very popular app that is downloaded on smartphones is linkedin. This is like always having a job that could increase your pay, give you a better lifestyle, or make connections right at your fingertips. Without social media on smartphones our lives would be completely…show more content…
There are several ways that this has been demonstrated. Smartphones such as the iphone have FaceTime which allows people to video chat each other and have face to face conversations. Other networks that use the same theme are Skype, Oovoo or House party. Spiegel online says “From deaf people who previously had little use for mobile phones to grandparents wanting to connect with their grandchildren, video calls are changing our lives” (Chase_Buckle). Without easy access from the smartphone apps that include video chat it would still be very hard for people to have “face to face” conversations without traveling far distances. This is much easier than writing letters or only being able to hear their voice in a phone call. Along with the connection of video chat through the smartphones, texting as hit an all time peak with the new generations. Yes texting was used with the regular flip phone, but it has become significantly easier and more efficient for people to use. Now that 83% of americans have smartphones, not including regular cellphones, it has made it so much easier to send a quick text message. Before people had to question whether the other person had texting, spend time looking for letters on the small keyboards or flip phones or worry if the other person even got it. Now 73% of the people already
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