Wolves Have Changed Over Time Research Paper

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Did you know that wolves became dogs as many centuries passed? Wolves have changed over time because they adapt to humans. Wolves have become less aggressive and more eager to please humans, their bodies get smaller, and their ears become floppier. The relationship between dogs and humans has changed over time because wolves have changed into dogs and become pets. Wolves have changed over many centuries that have passed. Thousands of years ago, humans thought of wolves as threats. Wolves would even sometimes prey on humans. Scientists who debated answers think wolves were going into human's camps to eat their scraps. It led wolves to give birth to pups the pups inheriting their parents. After many years of eating on the human's…show more content…
Dogs were once sheepherders and rat chasers. Now they are pets we love to spoil. Dogs have chased foxes away from chicken coops and cleared the restaurant kitchen of rats, Dogs hunted for ducks and pulled sleds over snowy hills and did many other things. But in the late 1800's things started to change. America is becoming more healthier and more people could afford to buy dog food. New soap could be afforded to scrub the dogs to kill the fleas. Many companies started selling all kinds of dog food. Veterinarians began to open offices just to treat the dogs and other pets. T.V which shows began to come out and dogs found special homes. Almost 50% of Americans own a least one dog. They spend up to just $135 dollars per month. Americans spend billions of dollars just caring for their dog such as going to the vet and buying dog food. Walking a dog several times a day can improve health and dogs can even help kids with autism and other challenges. Scientist learned that when a dog and a human stare into each other's eyes the become to get closer. The connection with dogs and humans are becoming to get closer every day. In conclusion, the relationship between dogs and humans has changed over time because wolves started changing into a dog and now dogs have become pets. Wolves and dogs can relate

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