How Heron Changed My Life

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I haven’t been great at holding a relationship with anyone, my past always gets in the way. Ever since I was little i’ve always been attached to the male figures in my life, my I spent most of my time with my grandpa then he was cut out of our life. I thought that no one would ever hurt me if I was strong, but I was wrong. I’ve been trying to run from my past most of my life, i’ve been hiding it all. My ex girlfriend was everything to me and tried helping me with my problems, but she told me I was nothing. I met Heron at fish camp here and we became friends really quick, I thought I couldn’t love for anyone the same after my ex, be Heron was the only one who could stay up with me all night when I couldn’t sleep. The rest of the summer me and Heron got to know better over the weeks, he helped me with getting over my problems from my past, we would end up talking for hours and not even know it.…show more content…
We started being more than friends a week before school started, he’s been opening up more to his family and the people around him. we just kinda became each other 's night and day, Heron is one of the closest people I have to me, he’s always here when I need him and he is nice to me. I find are relationship important because he doesn 't treat me the wrong way and he doesn’t try to hurt me. I give him my all to make him happy as possible and he does the same. Having the relationship has opened me up more and has shown me that nothing bad and always hold me
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