How Hockey Changed My Life

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One activity that has defiantly created a change in my life is ice hockey. I’ve been playing hockey since I was seven years old. I know that playing hockey has changed my life is because it’s taught me time management, responsibility, discipline, and physical conditioning. One way that hockey has changed my life is it’s made me manage my time better. Every week and weekend I usually have practice on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. On those days at school I know that I have to get most of my homework done there because I know that I won’t have enough time when I get home from school to do it before I leave for practice. Also time management has helped me with school work in general. During study hall I know what work I have to do and how much time I need to spend on it so I know that I’ll also have time to do my other work that I may have to do that day.…show more content…
Hockey has made me more responsible because on tournament weekends my team always has team breakfasts, lunches, and sometimes dinners. If I know that I have a team breakfast in the morning I make myself wake up in the morning with enough time to take a shower, and get ready to leave for the game right after we eat. Also it’s made me more responsible and on top of my school work. Now at school I always right down my test dates so I never forget when I have a test. Hockey has also made me more discipline. Some games get really heated and physical between my team and the other team. During those types of games not just me, but my whole team gets amped up and all we want to do is hit, but my coach has taught us to reframe from doing that. Now we all keep our cool during a tight physical
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