How I Changed In Middle School Essay

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Every school year I felt like I’ve changed. I’ve changed from my mood, academics, and hobbies. But I felt like I changed the most when I entered middle school.
First, when I entered the middle school I got shy and my academics skills increased. I think I increased my academic skills by having not having much friends and them not being in my classes. So I didn’t have no distractions I just focused on school. I also played more sports such as basketball and football. I did well in school to make my mom proud, I got honor roll three times that year then after sixth grade ended I realized my academics were not to make my mom proud it was to make me feel proud of myself. I also didn’t know eighth graders would be mean and bully the sixth graders.
Secondly, in my second year of middle school I felt really confident that I will get all the honor rolls. I got a lot more friends
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I feel like my academic skills have decreased am not happy with that at all am trying to get back on track. But the number one reason I felt like I changed the most this year is because. I have conversation inside my head like some times I doubt myself sometimes I encourage myself, motivate myself I tell my self I can do it or that am not going to be anything in the future. Or sometimes I just feel really strange, weird, and uncomfortable. But I try to ignore the comments I ask myself and try to be positive. I’ve also got in honors classes and I like the teachers I like they get us prepared for the next grade.
In conclusion I loved every middle school year because of the teachers and the students. I’ve gone through many changes during middle school but I never knew they were so weird. But I’ve learned to adapt to this changed so it doesn’t feel as weird as the first time. Those are all the changes I’ve experienced so far guess will have to wait for more changes in high
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