How I Feed My Horse-Personal Narrative

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I got a phone call one night when I was on my way to go feed my horse that she got out of her pasture and was in someone’s yard. We did not know how she got out but after looking at the fence we found a place where it had come down. The next morning I put her back out into her pasture after the fence got fixed thinking she won’t get out again. I was at school and my first class of the day had just started when I got a phone call. It was someone telling me that my horse had jumped the electric fence and got herself stuck between that and the wooden fence. I quickly called my mom and got her to pull me out of school so we could go get her unstuck. Once we got her out we found out that the electric fence wasn’t even one. So I thought my horse…show more content…
Where I was at just was not up to standards and was not safe for my horse anymore. We ended up moving her to a new place called HuntMasters. This place was well kept and I thought with a new place and a better facility my horse would just go back to normal and I could ride her again like I used to. Well that didn’t happen. The first time I tried to ride her she tried to buck me off. Any time I tried to walk her to the round pen to work her she would start to freak out. At this point I was terrified of her afraid she was really going to hurt me. By this point is when we decided someone at my old barn had to of abused her. The lady who owned the property swore she could fix my horse in two months, so I paid her to work with my horse. Well come to find out she wasn’t even the one working with my horse it was one of her old students. Also she said my horse was worthless and nothing but a waste of money. After finding that out I thought it was hopeless and I decided to put my horse up for sale. In the process I was looking for a new horse. I came across one in Conway and went out to go look at it. When I was out there I met a man named Mr. Ed. He was a horse trainer. After I couldn’t sell my horse I decided to give it one more shot and send her off to Conway. This man did more with my horse in 1 month than that lady quote did with her in 2. He said he technically had to start over and practically rebreak her. Finally I was able to

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