How I Learned To Read

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Kindergarten, the time when I learned to read and write. On the first day of school, the teacher handed me a laminated sheet of paper. It had words on it, most of them I couldn’t yet read. I could read the basic ones like and, but, is, etc. Later, I learned that the words on that paper are called sight words. Every day, we were told to pull out over laminated sight words sheet and our teacher would say the words out loud and we would repeat it. After repeating it so many times, I could recognize these words in many places. In the pictures book that I would look through, most of the book’s sentences were composed of these sight words. Another way we learned to read was by repeating the sounds of the letter or letters that our teacher pointed to. For example, my teacher would point to “a” and we would make the sound “ahhh”, when my teacher would point to “ph” we would make the sound “fffffff.” Through this way we would learn the sounds of different letters. I struggled at reading words sometimes, I couldn’t wrap my head around that sometimes letters in…show more content…
In the summer before I started 2nd grade, my family visited India. While we were there, my mother bought a few workbooks about cursive. When we returned to America, I started working on these books and learned how to write cursive. I had always been fascinated of cursive. To me, it seemed like an art to write in that flowing script. Many times my hands to ache at practicing to write the cursive letters and sentences and also I would have trouble writing some letters such as the “b”, “f”, and “z”. My mother would help me practice those letters by guiding my hand across the page. Eventually, I learned to write in cursive and I was elated. I started using it in school and would write more neatly than I could in normal print. Though, my classmates sometimes not be able to read my handwriting, I would still use it and the teachers would be delighted with my
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