How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay

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Juicy ripe mangoes, watermelon slices, tender coconuts heaped on the roadside, and a very hot and angry sun are all well known facets of the Chennai summer. Another favorite, especially for students is the well earned and long awaited vacation. It must have been a great summer vacation for you all. Some of you might have traveled to cooler tourist spots or visited relatives in your native places. Unlike you, I planned to spend my summer vacation right here in Chennai. Exhausted after visiting beaches, malls, amusement parks, I decided to seek out other interesting places in good old Madras. It’s embarrassing to admit, that though I am a resident of Chennai for about 20 years, my history of Chennai is limited. I intended to fix that this summer. Join me on this journey as I take you to my top 10 historical spots in Chennai. Chennai, earlier known as ‘Madrasapattinam,’ or ‘Madras’ until recently is known for its history. A film named ‘Madrasapattinam’ in Tamil and a list of Tamil songs also exhibit more about Chennai. But…show more content…
An added credit to Chennai is the World’s second longest beach, The Marina. But I don’t intend to dwell on it. Opined by many as one of the cleanest beaches of Chennai, Elliot’s Beach9, named after the then Governor of Madras, Edward Elliot, has more history to talk about. Karl Schmidt, a Dutch sailor in the year 1930 rescued a drowning girl. A white colored building, Karl Schmidt Memorial, remains as a landmark for it. A shooting and photography spot near Besant Nagar, the Broken Bridge. To benefit the fishermen, the bridge was constructed in 1967. Due to the unpleasant weather it collapsed in a period of 10 years, left unreconstructed and so the name. The place filled with people during the day turns out to be a deserted, spooky and haunted place at night. Other tourist attractions are the 30-year-old Ashtalakshmi temple and the Velankanni

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