Personal Narrative: How My Outlook On Life Changed After College

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My outlook on life changed after college. I realized I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives in any way possible. I travelled to Tanzania and saw a different reality. It all started at the Nyarugusu refugee camps in Tanzania. I visited the camps during Easter and Christmas of 2015-2016 to have fellowship with them. During my visits, I was always distraught at the thought of having so many displaced people all year round. I am still appalled at the fact that there is still no solution to the refugee crisis. People are still robbed of their rights to live in a home with their family, while children grow up in the middle of nowhere as they lose hope for a decent future. It has always been a hard reality to deal with. Despite this, I found hope in their resilience every time they greeted us with graceful smiles on their faces.
The day I secured a job as a teacher, I knew to make a difference no matter how small. I had to change the mind-sets of the children I taught. I taught and always sought to encourage those girls and boys who were influenced by these enforced gender roles. I encouraged my kids to write stories in order to express their ideas and
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There are not enough clubs or organizations which can help them adjust to the professional world once out of school. At the same time, the younger ones ages 8-12 have no extracurricular activities away from school. Creating events and activities especially for the low income children is vital as it keeps them occupied and away from the streets. After Columbia, I want to be able to put my skills and knowledge into practice. I want to be able to start a program where girls can focus on their creative skills and boys can learn about feminism and why it applies to everyone. I want to create a space where learning is at the

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