How Important Was Paul Revere's Role In The Revolutionary War

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A Start To A Battle “If the two lanterns hang in the North church steeple that will give a signal to the Americans that the British are coming by sea not land.” This famous quote by Paul Revere describes his idea to secretly signal that the British were coming. This is one example of how he played an important role in the American Revolutionary War. Before the War, Paul Revere’s role in the Sons of Liberty was to be a leader and help defend the Americans. Also, Revere warned everyone throughout the countryside that the British are coming to steal their resources. During the war, Paul Revere built a gunpowder mill and led a Militia army. Paul Revere was an important man in The American Revolutionary War. Would the Americans have won the war without the contributions of Paul Revere? Defending Our Colonies Paul Revere was a leader in the Sons of Liberty and helped to defend the Americans from the British before the war began. He delivered messages to the Committee of Correspondence, so they knew details about what the British were doing before the War. Paul Revere was a banker and printed money for the Americans, so they could buy needed War supplies and food. The Sons of Liberty tried to get british stamp agents to quit, but were unsuccessful . Paul Revere…show more content…
Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, William Dawes, and John Hancock were messengers who warned the whole Countryside that the British were on there way. Paul Revere also delivered messages to farther areas, including New York and Philadelphia. On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was sent by Dr.Joseph Warren's to warn Adams and Hancock that they were not safe. Paul Revere used two lanterns to tell the Americans that the British are coming by Sea, not land. Paul Revere helped the patriots during the war to give them signals and facts about what the British were
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