How India Becomes America Summary

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1. The title of the article, How India Becomes America, describes the idea of globalization because for India adopted some of the same lifestyles, customs, and ideas as American culture over the past years. Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. The reason for the title is that India has been globalized by many of the same customs as America. 2. There were two ways that India was becoming more like America too me. The first was when the author described the time he heard two young Indians call their colleagues “dude.” This was hard for him to hear because he knew that …show more content…

What the author means by that statement is that at first glance of the American system of success it seems easy, but then as you look deep into what you need as well as taking advantage of other things. You see in the movies how many people in the movies come to America because it is free and they hear so many stories of success. But in reality, they get here and they fail because they don’t know how to actually achieve it all. 4. Globalization can be great for a society, but it can also hurt the society. It can be great and help the society because it can help advance the technology. For example Americans have devised straws that can instantly purify water, so they give this to many people n Africa. But globalization could also be bad because it can take away from cultural traditions. Part 2 1. The 10th Parallel is a ring 700 hundred miles north of the equator. It splits many of the countries in Africa in half horizontality. Culturally it is extremely different because in Africa, above the 10th Parallel is mostly Muslim, and southern to the line is mostly Christian. This causes much conflict between the two areas. 2. I would describe the relationship as heated. Both try to prove one is better than the other by gaining more land. For example many soldiers from the north went into Todaj and attacked many of the villagers, raping women and children, and killing and taking young men. They even burned down their church in

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