How Ironclads Changed Naval Warfare

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How Ironclads Changed Naval Warfare

Boom! Pow! It was 1862 in Norfolk, Virginia. In the harbor, two strangely designed ships covered in iron were dueling it out. Neither one of the ships seemed like it had the upper-hand. This battle was the first battle fought between ironclads. Ironclads were ships invented during the Civil War that were covered with iron plating. Ironclads had a stunning history, they played a big part in battles, and there were many famous ironclads.

Ironclad warships have a very interesting history. To begin with, ironclads have been around even before the civil war. However, the Civil War was the first war where they were particularly utilized. In 1592, the first ironclad was thought to have been launched by the Korean Royal Navy. It was known to have iron spikes around it, but it was not known it it was actually plated with iron. Other early ironclads
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The Confederates began building an ironclad which was going to be called the Virginia. When the Union learned of this they instantly began building their own ironclad which was to be called the Monitor. When the Confederates finished Virginia it was immediately sent to the Union blockade at Norfolk, Virginia. However, the Monitor couldn’t be finished in time. When Virginia reached Norfolk, it immediately began to wreak havoc on the blockade. The Virginia rammed the USS Cumberland completely demolishing it. Next, the Virginia shot down the USS Congress. As night fell the Virginia withdrew as it was night the Monitor arrived and the first battle of two ironclads was started in the morning. Each ship fired non-stop at the other with barely any damage done. As the canon fire continued it was clear that no ship would win. The battle ended in a tie when both ships retreated knowing they couldn’t defeat the
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