How Is Abigail Williams Selfish

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Abigail Williams was a character in a play by Arthur Miller called The Crucible. She wasn’t just a character in Miller’s play, she was a real woman during the Salem witch trials and caused just has much trouble in her actual life as she did in the play. Abigail was extremely selfish, cruel, and possibly insane. She hurts so many people in such a short amount of time and hardly seems to care as long as she doesn’t get in trouble. The trait that really stood out when going over Abigail Williams was how selfish she was, she would do any to stay out of trouble. A lot of people died because she wouldn’t stop falsely accusing every she had a problem with. When she started the accusations everyone else started contributing, they did this because they wanted land. She also tried to take John Proctor away from his loving wife Elizabeth. Abigail was very cruel, she basically forced her friends to be a part of the big lie she was making up about the witches. She threatened to murder them if they said anything. In her attempts to get with John Proctor she eventually failed, but a while after she still wanted to be with him and even accused John’s wife for witchcraft. When her friend Mary Warren attempted to tell the truth, Abigail started acting like Mary was a witch. Abigail had these other flaws but she may have been insane. She had…show more content…
It takes a very selfish person to do the things that she did. She had tons of the towns people that she knew her whole life hanged. Threatened to murder her friends if they told anyone the truth about her, tried to get with a married man and even made the decision to get John’s wife Elizabeth thrown in jail, she succeeded and eventually Elizabeth was hanged. When someone does awful things like that, they qualify for getting called cruel, insane, and selfish. She is an awful person that got away with to
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