How Is Alexander The Great Effective

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Alexander the Great was the most feared ruler of the very old world due to his huge military power and the old stories/famous people surrounding his origins. The people that he won (by force) lived in fear underneath his powerful rule. It was this fear and strong desire/formal decision about something that allowed him to spread Greek culture and values around the very old world. The "Great" had to learn his strategies and policies from somewhere. Much of what he learned can be seen by who taught him. His first teacher was Aristotle who taught him about math and science, and focused on history. Alexander slept with a copy of the Iliad by homer next to him. He studied the Trojan War and learned much of his strategies from it. Reading the Iliad gave/given him the Greek ideal of war. It influenced him so much that he believed that he was the (living again after a previous life) of Achilles. This set the idea that his victorious capture/romantic relationship was his by right. His military helped him overcome what is known as the western world. His most searched out military…show more content…
He just perceived two dialects and all else were invalid. He searched out for all individuals to absorb to his realm and Hellenistic values. He governed with his kin worshiping him as a divine being or demi god. By following his dad as Zeus his kin tailed him all over he went and did as he said. He set leaders over the regions he vanquished like the how the Persians put satraps over their kingdoms. He had an enduring effect on the world. The enduring influences Alexander 's victory had on the world can be seen from multiple points of view. He spread Hellenistic values everywhere throughout the old world, which helped really taking shape of numerous dialects around today. He spread exchange courses, which are still being used, and innovation that sent the world forward in the territories of transportation and
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