How Is Alexander The Great Successful

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Alexander the Great is an important figure in my opinion, even though he had very short reign, he accomplished many things which other kings didn’t. By leading his people, Alexander created one of the biggest empires in the world, while remaining undefeated in battle. He first started with the destruction of Thebes, after hearing false reports of the death of Alexander, the people of Thebes decided to revolt against the Macedonian garrison. However they were wrong, Alexander was alive and because of their betrayal he destroyed the city apart from the house of Pindar, killed the soldiers, took the women and children. He did this to show people what would happen if they rebelled against him. From here, he then expanded into other parts of Persia, this led to…show more content…
As well as that Alexander was a military genius, who unlike many other kings and emperors he “...did not set out to rampage and ravage foreign cities "to demonstrate his ability to reign"...” rather he took on different foreign customs and traditions, which is what made his empire so successful unlike many empires before him. On top of this he respected the countries and cities of which he conquered and always letting the people have a say in politics. Alexander increased trade and communication between the East and and West and various other areas, as well as revealing Greek culture to the world. It can be said that the people of Greek finally thought they had a place in the world. He is an important figure also because his legacy lives on even today, he transformed cities, cultures, people and art. Frank Howarth who is Director of the Australian Museum, said that “…..He 's had enormous influence and it comes out in art, culture, engravings, tapestries; all sorts of things even up until the 18th and 19th centuries”. He influenced the Hellenistic Period of the ancient world and Rome dramatically. Alexander was a fantastic fighter, brilliant swordsman, tactician and a caring man who imprinted his mark on the
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