How Is Ambition Dangerous In Macbeth

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• In the play ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare, ambition is characterised as dangerous and irrational. To have an ambition is to have a strong desire to achieve something, in the play Macbeth himself has a strong desire to become king, causing him to act irrationally and certifiably insane. Macbeths ambition is dangerous as he believes the only way to become king (after hearing the witches prophecy) is to murder King Duncan. Macbeth believes that Duncan’s death will bring him success he believes it to the point of being willing to risk his life, ‘we’d jump the life to come’ (I.VII.7). Lady Macbeth’s ambition is for Macbeth to become king and for them as a couple to have more power. In the play lady Macbeth starts plotting Duncan’s assassination

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