How Is Asoka Similar To The Aryans Of India

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The Aryans describe themselves as powerful invaders from Central Asia. Historians have found major evidence for a society that was very similar to the Aryans of Indian. However, the best connection for the Aryans support to Central Asia was nothing they carried like weapons, but instead it was how they talked. These original invaders brought a new language called Sanskrit, which India at that time did not know that language. This means that the first speakers of Sanskrit came from a different place that was not in any part of India. The Empire was establish in 322 BCE by Chandragupta Maurya, who had conquered another kingdom and rapidly expanded his power across central…show more content…
The sufferings created by the war disturbed Asoka. He found relief in Buddhism and became an emperor with values that differed from those of his grandfather. Asoka was no opponent but there were changes. Several years past and Asoka mixed his Buddhism with material concerns that served the Buddha 's original desire to see suffering among people moderate. Asoka had wells dug, irrigation canals and roads constructed. He had rest houses built along roads, hospitals built, public gardens planted and medicinal herbs grown but Asoka maintained his army, and he maintained the secret police and network of spies that he had natural as a part of his extensive and powerful bureaucracy. The Gupta Empire had trade with many countries. The Gupta Empire traded with Rome, Thailand, Malaysia, Western Asia, and China. Trade with many countries caused the empire to spread their belief of Buddhism to expand. The goods that were trade were precious stone, spices, horses, copper, sugar cane, indigo, wheat, drugs, pearls, fruits, cotton, Ivory, Linen, and clothing. There are different routes for different places. The routes that were taken were called the Indus River, Ganges River, and Silk road mostly used for northern India. The impact that
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