How Is Atticus Finch Learned In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I'm To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee writes about a character named Scout telling a story about how she lived with her brother Jem and lawyer Atticus Finch in small town, Maycomb. Atticus Finch is helping defend an innocent black man, Atticus teaches his children to try looking at things from other people's perspective, and Scout, Jem and their friend Dill unravel the secret behind the Radley house. Jem and Scout represents the idea of bravery and confidence in the novel, and the way that his and her definition changes over the course of the story is important. Jem shows bravery as Dill says he wants to go for a walk but Scout know that people in Maycomb just doesn't go to take a "walk". But as Dill, Jem and Scout stroll past the Radleys house, Dill thinks it's a good idea to peak inside, but Scout not so much. Scout and Dill lift Jem up on the window but all he can see are curtains. Scout sees a shadow and they all scramble off the Radleys porch. And behind them they here a person shooting at them.. [Dill said... if you just go up and touch the house... Jem threw…show more content…
Scout really doesn't get along with Aunt Alexandria or her Cousin Francis well. Francis has been calling Dill a, runt and a stray dog. But the thing that really upsets her is when he calls Scouts father a man who loves defending black people. He says Atticus is ruining the family name and Scout punches him really hard. [Francis said he reckoned I got told, for me to just sit there and leave him alone. ' I ain't bother I said...] (Lee 84) Jem and Scout show themselves as brave and confident through many situations in To Kill A Mockingbird, but they have a little help and push through the book. Jem and Scout defends their father as he is being teased for defending a black man. Jem takes on the challenge of confronting the Radley's house. And Scout defend his father as her cousin bosses his father
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