How Is Augustus Caesar A Better Leader

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Augustus vs. Sergio Simon Sinek once said, “ great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people.” Augustus Caesar has been a great leader throughout history, he has lead his armies to great victories and has shown his loyalty to his people. Sergio Mattarella recently became the president of Italy and already has done great things like making Italy a better place and wanting to help fix the budget. Although both Augustus and Sergio are both great leaders, Augustus is a better one because of his great successes and his loyalty to his people and him actually making Rome a better place.. Augustus had a great time leading the romans and being the first Emperor of Rome. Augustus and his armies had a lot of successes and really helped expand Rome and…show more content…
Augustus had great loyalty to his people and genuinely wanted to help his people and make Rome become a better empire. He sponsored several laws designed to encourage people to marry and have more children, also he received religious traditions (Moulton 90). Augustus also provided army officers with land in the provinces and encouraged them to settle there ( Moulton 90). Augustus Caesar has been an excellent first emperor of Rome throughout history, by having great leadership. Sergio Mattarella recently just became the president of Italy and already has done some amazing things. Sergio really wants Italy to become a better place by making sure it's a safe place for families to live. The 73 year old has vowed to fight corruption and encourage the recession ( He also prioritized national efforts against organized crime and corruption ( Sergio wants to get Italy out of there bad depth in their budget and tries his best to help his country. He talks and knows how to have a good budget by saying, “It is essential for budget consolidation to be combined with a strong growth initiative.”
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