How Is Beowulf Relevant Today

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Protagonist’s transformation Heroes are the most magnificent people in the universe. Without them, the world would be crestfallen. There are many kinds of heroes, and it is not easy to become one. Overtime, these categories might have changed. However, the heroic traits of Beowulf as well as the realistic heroes today can be found amazingly different based on how they protect others, their inspiration, and their bravery. Beowulf has his own way to preserve others, and so do today’s heroes. Back in the sixth century, Beowulf depended on his strength and muscles to save people from their greatest fear, Grendel the monster. According to the text, from line 74 to line 75,, “- And was instantly seized himself, claws bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm” ; the author clearly stated…show more content…
Related to this, Michael Jordan also has an afflation to the world. Referring to his story, his basketball coach criticized that he won’t ever know how to play, but now he is famous for this sport. Indeed, heroes might be similar, but the feelings they bring are not. Even though these spectacular human beings might be changing overtime, there is one thing that will forever remain the same, their bravery. As elucidated in Beowulf, “He came to…snapping life shut”, demonstrated that Grendel is a scary, nerve-cracking monster that everyone is terror-stricken of. Moreover, from line 56-59, this diablerie creature is bloodthirsty and was ready to kill whoever. Nevertheless, Beowulf had conquered him with his courage, and bring back harmony to the village. By the same token, firefighters are also valiant. People usually say, “Do not play with fire”, but these protectors are always ready to jump into the sea of dangers to rescue mortals. Similarly, soldiers would go to the battle with a mind of preparation of confidence and braver, hoping to see their family again. Fearlessness is an important, necessary factor that every hero
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