How Is Boo Radley Told In Chapter 9-23 To Kill A Mockingbird

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They find a ball of gray twine, chewing gum, a spelling bee medal and an old pocket watch. Also she thinks that Boo Radley has been leaving the treasures in the tree. 21. The next day they see that the tree is plugged with cement. I think that Mr. Nathan Radley told the children that the tree was dying so that way the children wouldn’t think he did it because he didn’t want them to get any more presents from the tree. Chapter Eight 22. Boo Radley drapes a blanket over scout on the Scout on the night of the fire. Also Jem is the one who witnessed it and she was also the one who told Scout about it. Chapter Nine 23. Atticus feels he needs to defend Tom Robinson so he can uphold his sense of justice and self respect. 24. Atticus says that just because Tom Robinson is black doesn't give him a reason to not try to win.…show more content…
Scout's, Aunt Alexandra, and Uncle Jack don’t have a very good relationship together because Aunt Alexandra and Uncle Jack get mad when Scout curses. Also they think of Scout in a negative way because Francis told Uncle Jack and Aunt Alexandra that Scout hit him. Chapter Ten 26. One we learn about Atticus are, that he is somewhat older than most of the fathers in Maycomb. Another thing is his advanced age often embarasses his children and when Atticus was asked to shoot a mad dog he did. Furthermore he hit the mad dog with his first shot despite a good distance away from it. Moreover, we learn that he once had the best shot in the country and we also learn that he never told Scout about it even though she probably would’ve liked to know. 27. According to Miss Maudie it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they only make music for people to enjoy and they sing their hearts
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