How Is Brutus Justified In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar is known as one of the greatest rulers in history. As a child, Julius had been captured by pirates and then rose through their ranks to become captain of the ship. After gaining his freedom, he raised an army and went to kill the pirates. He eventually would rise through the ranks to the point where he would become the Emperor of Rome. Just like many other leaders, Julius had many enemies. Eventually his enemies overpowered him and he was assassinated by his closest colleagues. One of these colleagues included the noble Brutus. He is one of Caesar’s closest friends. Brutus was a key character in the book Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Brutus was a very complex character. He was an honorable and noble man with good intentions,…show more content…
Throughout the story, Brutus was one of the few characters that understood the way power could change a man. He feared that Caesar would become a tyrant with all his new power and that Rome would suffer from his rule. He states this multiple times in the story. During Caesar’s funeral, Brutus states “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more,” (JC 3.2.23). It is clear to see here that Brutus was justified in killing Caesar because his intentions are good. Another example is when Brutus is asked to join the assassins, and he says “If these be motives weak, break off betimes, And every man hence to his idle bed; so let high-sighted tyranny range on” (JC 2.1.121-123). A clearer version of what he is saying, is that it is the duty of every Roman man to prevent tyranny from surviving. He also states that if the man’s intentions are not good, then they should not participate in the execution of the task. This is directed towards some of the other assassins because he knew many of them had poor intentions. Cassius was part of the assassins only because he was jealous and feared that if Caesar became king he would be killed. Almost all the assassins killed Caesar because they did not like him. Brutus loved Caesar, but he loved Rome and its people
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