How Is Caesar Honorable

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People who are proud aren’t honorable. Napoleon is one of the most proud characters in both stories. He is very proud of what he’s done and he even brags to the humans that he can do what they do. In Animal Farm George Orwell says, “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” Napoleon had betrayed the animals on the farm; Freeing them from Jones just to treat them similarly and own them like a human. His acts where very dishonorable and yet he’s so proud of them he gets to brag to other humans. Antony and Augustus act similarly creating a triumvirate only to remove one to seize half the power instead of one third. The 2nd triumvirate was hardly even a triumvirate; it consisted of Antony Augustus and Lepidus, which was soon to be removed.…show more content…
They manipulate people to be in power and then are proud of what they’ve done. Their actions are despicable yet the public can’t see past the propaganda and realize what is actually happening. On the other hand there is one person who is proud and honorable, Caesar. There is no doubt that he did great things for Rome. He led them to victory and Casca doesn’t acknowledge many of his accomplishments His pride strengthened his army, acting as an idol, which they looked up too and respected. In the play Caesar goes to the capital even though all the signs said it was bad. Caesar has to be cocky and fearless, that’s why his army follows him so strongly. Caesar is proud and honorable, a rare breed of person being one of the only ones in both
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