How Is Chris Justified In Into The Wild

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Ashton Hinkley Mrs. Moffat English 5-6 15 January 2023 Into The Wild Without A Trace In addition to the book the true story of into the wild is much more complex and emotional. In my opinion Chris was justified in leaving. I believe this because he went through a lot of heartache and pain, honestly if he hadn't left he most likely would have endured more. First let's start with Chris’s childhood, Walt Mcandless (Chris’s dad) was an aerospace engineer who designed advanced radar systems for space shuttles and other high-profile system projects while in the employ of NASA and Hughes aircraft in the 1960s-70s. In 1978 Walt went into business by himself, which is where he met Billie (Chris’s mom). There were eight children and 6 half brothers …show more content…

She truly genuinely cared for Chris and his well being. She had an estranged relationship with her son at which Chris reminded her of. She felt a need of motherly protectiveness over him , it’s evident that she wanted the best for Chris. She even took him into her home without knowing him. They truly had a genuine connection. Although Chris had genuine connections he felt the need to keep on his journey seeking adventure. In one of Chris's journal entries it reads “It is the experiences, the memories, the great triumph of joy living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found. God it's great to be alive! Thank you, thank you”. Chris truly enjoyed simple beauties, the little things in life. I genuinely admire Chris for following his dream and getting out. I’d like to believe that he lived and died happy, and blessed. In conclusion I believe Chris is more than justified for leaving into the wild unknown. Yes he could’ve been better prepared but at the end of the day it was his life. Chris truly lived to the fullest and that's all any of us hope for. He wasn’t just a dumb unprepared guy, he was a man who lived by his own rules regardless. Chris’s goodbye letter read “I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!” I'd say it speaks for

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