How Is Christianity Relevant Today

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Christianity has played a major role in shaping the world to what it is today. It has been a great part of history and has shaped religions, philosophies, beliefs, culture and people. It has come a long way from the birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, and today it has spread all throughout the world with a wide range of stories, art, beliefs and denominations. But with different ethics and values of Christian denominations, all of them has been shaped around one person, Jesus Christ.

Christianity was spread by Jesus Christ, through his teachings and his actions, only to be followed by his disciples and many others. Christianity has been based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and his disciples that have been passed on, forming different stories and views from person to person, city to city, culture to culture and country to country which led to its recognition. But with the growth of Christianity also rose the enemies of this religion. There have been different actions towards Christianity over time, from the roman era, to the renaissance and
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Although they are still based on almost the same set of teachings and still practice almost the same type of rituals, because of the different standards that people want to set with their beliefs some have decided to create a different branch that doesn’t stray too far from the main idea of Christianity. Through time and different generations, people see different views and possibilities with Christianity. But still with Jesus Christ and his teachings as the main foundations of different denominations the religion is still intact. There are some denominations of Christianity that don’t totally agree with one another due some additions that are allowed in their sects, but never the less what truly matters is that whatever denomination of Christianity a person belongs to, they still have the same foundation of faith and
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